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Kegiatan : ASIA AUSTRALIA ROAD CONFERENCE: Advance Technology Implementation Towards Sustainable Road Development
Lokasi : Meruorah, Komodo Labuan Bajo
Tanggal : 24 Agustus 2023 s/d 27 Agustus 2023
Jam : 08:00
Batas Akhir Pendaftaran : 18 Agustus 2023
Lingkup Acara : Internasional
Keterangan :

In 2023, REAAA will celebrate its 50th anniversary. To commemorate its anniversary, REAAA in collaboration with PIARC hosted by IRDA and DGH Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia will conduct a series of activities consisting of:
1. Road Engineering Conference (in collaboration with REAAA)
2. Seminar (join organizing with PIARC and IRDA)
3. The 120th REAAA Council Meeting
4. REAAA 24th Young Engineers Professional (YEP) Meeting
5. The 13th Heads of Road Authorities (HORA) Meeting
6. The 10th REAAA Business Forum
7. The 50th REAAA Anniversary
8. Exhibition
9. Site Visit

These activities are intended for local authorities, administrators, the private sector, those responsible for road traffic and safety, design engineers, design consultants, road network administrators, contractors, control and technical assistance consultants, academics, researchers, engineering students, businessess, and professionals. Forr more iinformation please visit: 

The event will be held in Meruorah, Komodo Labuan Bajo. It is a luxury 5-star hotel that only takes an hour-long flight from Bali. From Meruorah, we can leave all cares behind and relax amidst panoramic beauty.


Once again, for further information about Asia Australia Conference 2023, please kindly check:

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